Established in the summer of 2020. We have been at the forefront of the Medical cannabis revolution in the UK.

Who We Are

We are Medical Cannabis patients who are real advocates for access to the plant. We came together in 2020 to help drive people's ability to tackle the minefield of access that existed then. We are committed to enabling wider easier access and working closely with our customers to ensure they get best value.

Our History



Tim Henley
Tim Henley

I am a committed medical cannabis advocate.

I come from a multi-faceted background in retail and IT systems. I always follow my passion which lead me to running a record shop but as technology changed I transitioned to IT c
During 2016 personal circumstances meant he developed a driven motivation to join the Cannabinoid industry. My nephew started a PHD looking at CBD for Epilepsy and breif research convinced me we had to change the way Cannabis is viewed. I became a founding Director of the Cannabis Trades Association, the UK’s first organisation aimed at developing the UK cannabis industry. I have always been close to the UK & European regulatory landscape and really want to influence the change we now finally stating to see. I am a passionate advocate for wider patient-driven access to medical cannabis.

I am also committed to the sustainable and diverse development of the cannabis industry, and I am really proud to be part of the industry.

Josh Squires-Quinn
Josh Squires-Quinn
R.L. MacMurray
Ralph Leonardo MacMurray
Betty Bloggs