New to Medical Cannabis Vaping?

The UK Medical Cannabis regulation states that Cannabis flower can be offered as a treatment option but it must be vaporised. AccessKaneh has  experts with over 10 years of experience in vaporisers and how to use them.
Vaporising Cannabis is the quickest way to get instant relief for your condition let us show you the options.

TickConduction or Convection?

Vaporisers use different technology to heat cannabis flower. All you need to know

TickWhat temperature to use?

Strains (Cultivars) are very different mixes of Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids. Temperature is key.

TickHow effective is vaporising?

Medical Cannabis vaporised is one of the fastest and most effective ways of delivering medication.

TickWhat is the Grind!

Preparing your cannabis flower all you need to know. 

TickHow much to use?

You need to be precise when using your medicine. 

TickHow much to use?

Cleaning a vaporiser is an essential task that should be done regularly.

There currently only 2 Certified Medical Vaporisers. But a wide range are available.

Medical Cannabis Flower vaporisationPrescription

Medical Cannabis flower supplied in the UK is grown and processed to an exacting standard called EU-GMP to assure consistency and purity. The Cannabis has been cured and stored in airtight containers. When you first open the container inhale the terpenes to get an indication of the dominant notes. The scent of the flower is different depending on strain and terpene profile.

The Cannabis flower specified in your prescription will state a value for THC and CBD Content. 

The Prescription will state a recommended dose.

To Vaporise medical  cannabis you will need some equipment.

  • Principle is a Vaporiser.
  • A set of scales to weigh out your medication.
  • A grinder to prepare your flower.
  • A filling aid 
  • Cleaning materials for your vaporiser
  • A secure storage box
  • Optional  tray 

  • What you need to know about a Vaporiser?

    To be pharmaceutically active Cannabis flower has to be decarboxylated.

    Mighty VapeWhen cannabis flower is heated decarboxylation occurs, essentially it is a chemical reaction that releases a carbon atom from the molecule chain to make the Cannabinoids pharmaceutical active. 
    A vaporiser can precisely control the heat applied to cannabis to effectivly selective the compounds that are activated and then vaporised through evaporation. The Cannabinoids and terepenes vaporised depend on the chosen temperature.

    A Conduction Vaporiser works by heating the walls of the chamber and the heat being transmitted through the flower through contact. This type can have a big heat variation over the entire chamber but normally requires less draw resistance. 

    A Convection Vaporiser uses a heating element to heat the air being drawn over the flower. A convection vape normally has a much more consistent heat profile and fuller flavour but does require more lung power to draw over the air in.

    Hybrid Vapes a hybrid vape combines both Conduction and convection in varying degrees and in theory provides the best of both types.

    What do you need to VaporiseMedical cannabis setup

    To Vaporise medical  cannabis you will need some ancillary equipment.

    • Principle is a Vaporiser.
    • A set of scales to weigh out your medication.
    • A grinder to prepare your flower.
    • A filling aid 
    • Cleaning materials
    • Optional  secure storage box
    • Optional  tray 

    First time VaporisingPax Vape

    If you have a new vaporiser you need to fully charge the device first. Then we recommend running it through a heat cycle at least 3 times to burn of any manufacturing residues.

    1. You first need to weigh out the amount you have been prescribed on your scales.
    2. You now need to grind the flower. Depending on your Vaporiser you will need a courser grind for a:-
      Convection vape’s as the air flows more freely around the larger grounds and don’t pack too tightly.
      Conduction Vape’s relay on the grounds being in good contact with each other as the heat is transmitted via contact so you need to pack it more tightly .
    3. You have now weighed and ground your medicine. Depending on your vape type and chamber size you may not fit all the grounds in one go. Make sure you do not compress and over fill the vape chamber to much as this will increase the draw resistance and stop the vaporisation of all the material. If you see the vaporised content has an inconsistent colour across the grounds then you are not vaporising all your material and wasting some of the cannabinoids. Experiment with different grinds to have either course or finer material. You may also want to experiment with how tightly you compact the material in the chamber.
    4. You have loaded the chamber now, depending on your device you will need to set the vaporisation temperature. They key is to start low and go slow. We suggest a starting temperature of 170C as this will vaporise some of the Cannabinoids and should produce some real flavour in the taste you get from the vape. The vapour should be smooth and cause no irritation on the back of the throat. You may not find that you are breathing out much vapour because the temperature is set to a very low level. As you increase the temperature the vapour you expel will increase. You do not need to keep the vapour in your lungs for a long period research has shown it makes little difference to the Cannabinoid absorption.
    5. As you vaporise the flavour will change and the active ingredients will activate depending on the strain you are using you should start to feel more relaxed as the Cannabis works.
      Depending on your prescribed condition it may take additional time for changes to happen that alleviate your symptoms.
    6. How do you know when all the Cannabinoids have been used? The flavour of the vapour will change. It is hard to give a definitive advice here as it depends how much you inhale on each puff, It depends on you vape. You will get a feel as you use your vaporiser but a good rule of thumb is 10 inhales, look at the material you take out of the bowl and see how its colour has changed.

    How to cleanCleaning a vape

    Cleaning a vaporiser is a job, depending on your consumption, that has to be done at least once a week but may well be more often.
    You will need:-

    • Cleaning fluid
    • Cleaning wipes
    • Picks for getting to the crevices of the vapour path ways
    • Cleaning buds for cleaning the path ways

    Each vape has a its own cleaning methods. Please refer to the manufactures instructions to clean your specific vape.