PurplPRO Professional THC & Moisture Tester (Bluetooth)

The PurplPRO is a lab in a case. The potency tester can accurately test the major cannabinoids in any sample.
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The PurplPRO uses FDA approved technology to measure potency. The small pocketed sized bench uses near-infrared spectroscopy, a lights is shone on a sample and the returning light is analysed. The near infra red right interacts with molecules to generate the “molecular fingerprint” that can be matched with known concentrations. The Purpl PRO design involved calibrating the data sets against the results of HPLC machines costing tens of thousands of dollars. These Gold standard testing machines formed the basis of the Purpl pro algorithm. All this engineering means the Purpl PRO is overall a +/- 2% accuracy on THC and CBD. Statistically, it is +/- 1.89% on THC and +/- 0.96% on CBD, determined by comparison with lab HPLC measurements.

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